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For additional information or to schedule a counseling session in your state, please contact: Michigan Troops to Teachers; located at Michigan Department of Education, Lansing
Edwardeen Jones: State Director   1-866-801-0007 ejones@troopstoteachers.net

Michigan State Information

Michigan Department of Education
Michigan State

2007-2008 Salary Schedule
"On Behalf of the Michigan Troops to Teachers program;
welcome! We value your interest in teaching, and are
eager to share information about the many advantages
of teaching in a state where highest educational
standards are the expected norm. Our staff is eager to
assist you with matters regarding a possible transition to a public education career. You may call us toll free at
1-866-801-0007 to discuss specific questions, and your
call will be returned as soon as possible. Our motto is
"Same Day Service".

Thank you for serving our Nation and know that we
stand ready to support and assist you to the best of our
ability. We salute you!"

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