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Saturday, May 23, 2015  
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Alternative Certification Route to Licensure and Hire in Advance Agreement with UNLV and Clark County School District
Join this informational webinar presented by joint effort between UNLV and the Clark County School District to announce the pilot program which will get honorably discharged veterans, who successfully pass the alternative summer 2015 route to teaching certification program with UNLV, into paying positions within Clark County schools. Candidates must apply, get accepted into the program, attend classes, in person, at UNLV, successfully pass the classes and the required components of licensure including Praxis or Place testing. In return, they will be offered a position with Clark County School District for the 2015-2016 school year. Details of the program and it's components will be discussed at this webinar including the registration deadlines and details of the hiring process.

May 27 at 1400 EST - Free
Improve Student Writing Skills with Google for Education (Register HERE)
Join the director of technology at Del Mar Union School District—a high performing school district in San Diego, Calif.—along with Google in Education for an instructional webinar to see how they use Chromebooks in the classroom to support their curriculum focus, both in writing and the Common Core State Standards.
Get a closer look on how Del Mar implemented a curriculum strategy to ensure their students are set up for academic achievement as well as life-long, self-directed learning and engagement—as both global and digital citizens. In addition, learn how they used Google Chromebooks for Education to develop a process for:
• Integrating tools to support instruction,
• Selecting a hardware platform in support of instructional tools, and
• Developing a roll-out model that incorporates professional learning that ensures success.
Be sure to register to join this webinar to learn how Google for Education can be used to improve student learning, collaboration, and engagement.

May 28 at 1400 EST - Free
Amplifying Student Voice  (Register HERE)
Join us for this webinar from our Education Week Leaders To Learn From virtual event series. The annual Leaders To Learn From special report shines a light on forward-thinking district leaders who seize on good ideas and execute them well in their school systems. Throughout 2015, we'll host webinars, live chats, and more virtual events related to this year's Leaders.
Find out more at
Schools around the country use students' opinions to shape their policies and practices. Advocates say that student voice can be a powerful tool for school turnaround and that efforts to gather students' insights send an important message to young people and encourage them to be more engaged in the classroom. In the 7,700-student Murray County, Ga., school district, Superintendent Vickie Reed has used student-perception surveys as a factor in teacher evaluations for more than a decade. Teachers take the same surveys, and the district's schools work to narrow the gap between the views of employees and those of students. Reed also solicits student input about everything from safety measures to cafeteria food. How can schools get started with student voice efforts? WestEd has created a toolkit demonstrating strategies for gathering and using input from students. Join us for this webinar on how to effectively amplify student voice.

June 3 at 1400 EST - Free
Secrets for 1-to-1 Success: Planning, Pedagogy, Patience (Register HERE)
What does it take to implement a 1-to-1 program at a school and can that experience scale to a district level? After two years of planning, The Center for Advanced Technologies at Lakewood High School, Fla., rolled out a student 1-to-1 initiative at the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year. During the process they learned valuable lessons on what makes a 1-to-1 program successful and what traps to avoid. Lou Zulli, Jr., the CAT Program’s IT instructor and network administrator, will share their steps from concept to vision, to device evaluation, pedagogical transformation, and student enthusiasm that made their program a success.

June 4 at 1500 EST - Free
No More Word Lists: Teaching Vocabulary in Context (Register HERE)
Rather than introducing vocabulary through word lists and sentence writing, some literacy experts are now saying the best way to teach new words is by teaching students about the world. By embedding vocabulary instruction in social studies and science units, and by having students read multiple texts about a single topic (for instance, coral reefs or the Great Depression), students may ultimately acquire more academic words. In this webinar, literacy researchers Gina Cervetti and Tanya Wright will discuss their findings on vocabulary acquisition in the content areas, and special education teacher Jodie Westmont will explain how she uses “text sets” developed around a single topic to teach her students new words.

June 18 at 1400 EST - Free
New Strategies for Reading Aloud to K-2 Students (Register HERE)
The old-fashioned classroom K-2 read-aloud is changing. For decades, these cozy gatherings have focused on the story line, the sound of words, and developing a love of reading. But in the wake of the common core, K-2 teachers are refining their approach, crafting questions that guide children back to the text to build vocabulary, content knowledge, and evidence-based understanding of the text. Join us for a lively discussion with a teacher who’s using that approach, and a leader of an initiative that helps teachers collaborate to build an online storehouse of free read-aloud lessons.

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