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Thursday, April 24, 2014  
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Dated "live" Webinars
*In the next section below lists archived FREE webinars

April 24 at 1400 EST - FREE
Accelerating School Leadership: Field Tested Performance Tools for Principal Supervisors and Coaches  (Register Here)
School principals need support to face a tidal wave of challenges: new college and career readiness standards and assessments, new educator performance evaluation, fewer resources available to meet expanding student needs, and short timelines for improving performance. Leadership performance assessments can provide principal supervisors and coaches practical tools for not only evaluating, but also inspiring principal development—if they produce a holistic perspective on principal practice. In this webinar, Matthew Clifford from American Institutes for Research (AIR) and Gail Connelly, executive director, National Association of Elementary School Principals discuss partnerships with states and districts for designing and using leadership performance assessments. Clifford will introduce a suite of tools developed by AIR and its partners for gaining a holistic perspective on leadership practice. Our speakers will discuss how supervisors and coaches are using observations, 360-degree surveys, portfolios, and growth plans to build leadership talent, and the critical roles of states and districts in supporting leadership assessment in the field.

April 24 at 1600 EST - FREE CHAT
How District Leaders Tap Technology to Solve Pressing Problems  (Register Here)
Two leaders from very different school districts in suburban Arizona and rural Alaska discuss how they are using technology to personalize learning and raise student achievement

April 24 at 1700 EST - FREE
Technology in Humanities Classrooms  (Register Here)
Whether you teach English, History, or Foreign Language, incorporating technology into your curriculum can help students to make deeper connections with content, engage with authentic materials, and create new learning artifacts. Come learn a few new tools, apps, and ideas to enhance your curriculum.

April 29 at 1400 EST - FREE
Improving Teacher Recruitment and Retention through School-wide Change  (Register Here)
Teachers have heard the statistic often: Fifty percent of those who enter the teaching profession leave within five years. Schools are well aware of the trend, too, and understand the significance that teacher attrition plays in academic achievement. In this webinar, a leading expert on teacher staffing and development will explore not only how schools can recruit high quality teachers, but also create a climate that encourages them to stay. The presentation will include examinations of administration, professional development, and engagement.

April 29 at 1900 EST - FREE
Games are good for you. What games teach us about STEM learning  (Register Here)
What can we learn from games? Come explore the many ways that you can use game dynamics and gamification to increase learning and boost engagement in your STEM classroom. Discover how popular games such as Minecraft and SimCity provide playgrounds for creativity and robust opportunities for collaboration and critical thinking in the classroom. Finally, learn about the many opportunities for coding and computer science that are embedded in the process of having kids designing and programming games as a demonstration of their learning.

May 1 at 1400 EST - FREE
The Most Challenging Instructional in the CCSS for English/Language Arts  (Register Here)
The Common Core State Standards emphasize several challenging shifts that require students to think differently, teachers to change instructional strategies, and administrators to reconsider the support needed in order to enable success. In this webinar, we will discuss four of the most challenging shifts, including:
• Emphasis on Academic Vocabulary
• Complex Text
• Close Reading
• Greater Emphasis on Informational Text
Participants will learn what these shifts really mean; how the various ELA standards connect to support them; and practical applications for addressing the shifts in the classroom.

May 2 at 1400 EST - FREE
What Should School Systems Expect During the Transition to the Common Core and Consortia Assessments  (Register Here)
The Common Core State Standards have shifted the focus in education away from basic proficiency toward preparing students to be college and career ready. Many districts are in the early stages of transitioning to assessments designed to measure student performance relative to these standards, and from this process, important trends have started to emerge, including:
• Cut scores are significantly higher on new common-core assessments than cut scores on previous proficiency assessments, which has resulted in notable declines in proficiency rates.
• The move to these new assessments has created a break in longitudinal data for many school systems, which makes it difficult to evaluate trends in student achievement.
• Districts may need to identify alternative data sources to help teachers better recognize their students’ strengths and weaknesses.
In this webinar, John Cronin will share early results from these new assessments and discuss issues that educators should consider throughout this transition process.

May 8 at 1400 EST - FREE
Connecting Communities: The Importance of Culture in Digital World Language and ELL Instruction  (Register Here)
“Solutions to many of our ecological problems lie in an approach that celebrates, empowers, and nurtures the cultural, artistic, historical and spiritual resources of each local community and region. […] Schools and other educational institutions can and should play a central role in this process.” —Laurie Lane-Zucker, 2004. Join the discussion with educators and curriculum designers from Middlebury Interactive Languages, who will share their experiences utilizing place-based and community-based pedagogies to help world language students and English Language Learners connect with neighborhood communities. The panel of speakers will discuss best practices, as well as challenges, in connecting culture with world language and ELL instruction.
By attending this free one-hour dialogue, you’ll learn about:
• Place-based and community-based pedagogy
• Design principles to support a community-based approach in language education, and
• The impact of place-based pedagogy on student learning experiences.

May 19 at 1500 EST - FREE
Developing Cross Sector Partnerships for Regional STEM Education Hubs  (Register Here)
In Oregon, six regional science, technology, engineering, and math “hubs,” or cross-sector partnerships, have won grants to help improve STEM education statewide. The hubs link K-12 schools with universities, businesses, and community organizations, such as nonprofits and museums, to boost in-school and out-of-school STEM opportunities for students. Such partnerships are popping up in states around the country. In this webinar, Mark Lewis, Oregon’s STEM Director, and Lita Colligan, the South Metro-Salem STEM co-chair, will share lessons they’ve learned on building community-based partnerships among science- and math-focused groups. They’ll answer questions about what other states, communities, and STEM leaders should consider in developing their own hubs, and how connecting science and math efforts can be a long-term improvement strategy.

May 21 at 1400 EST - FREE
Tale of Two Districts: Differing Curricular Journey's to the Common Core  (Register Here)
Two districts on opposite sides of the country faced the same problem: They needed new common-core curricula. They solved that problem in very different ways. The Orange County, Fla., district scoured the marketplace and found sets of materials from a major publisher that it believes meets its needs. The Long Beach, Calif., disenchanted with publishers' offerings and short on money, wrote its own materials. Join leaders from each district's curriculum-and-instruction office as they discuss their different pathways to common-core curriculum.

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