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Saturday, October 25, 2014  
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Dated "live" Webinars
*In the next section below lists archived FREE webinars

Upcoming Webinars from ASCD

October 28 at 1400 EST - FREE
Linking Knowledge and Practice to Support School Systems  (Register Here)
How can teachers ensure that all children, including millions impacted by dyslexia—the most common type of reading disability—learn to read and write proficiently? To close the literacy achievement gap, support measures must be embedded in schools and include all stakeholders—administrators, teachers, parents, and children. Acclaimed educator and researcher Margie Gillis will share her precedent-setting work with schools, districts, state departments of education, and policymakers to advocate on behalf of all children and protect their right to learn to read well. Her work centers around five essential school priorities:
• Supporting school leadership
• Using data transparently for accountability
• Coordinating a multitier system of support
• Providing embedded professional development based on best practices
• Engaging parents and families
This free one-hour webinar is sponsored by Learning Ally, a national nonprofit providing resources, training, and technology for teachers and schools; and 80,000 human-voiced audiobooks for students with learning & visual disabilities.

October 29 at 1400 EST - FREE
Mastering the Most Challenging Standards with Rigorous Instruction  (Register Here)
Based on independent research and results from over 750,000 students, the most challenging reading standards for students have been identified. This webinar will discuss the practical instructional ideas to help teachers and administrators conquer the rigor needed to master these standards. The discussion will specifically relate to determining central ideas or themes and summarizing details, analyzing text structure, integrating and evaluating content in diverse media and formats, and analyzing similar topics and themes across texts. Participants will pinpoint which standards are the most challenging, where students struggle the most, and be able to better focus their instructional time to master these standards.

October 30 at 1400 EST - FREE
How Much Digital Literacy Do Students Need?  (Register Here)
This webinar delves into digital-literacy efforts in the United States-including the development of learning standards-while also looking at where the average school's efforts are now. Our guests will also examine how administrators and teachers can improve students' technological skills and what schools at the leading edge of digital literacy are doing right.

Webinars are not presented nor indorsed by TTT

Archived Webinars

On April 1, 2014, Education Week hosted Leaders To Learn From 2014, a Washington, D.C., event that brought together exceptional school leaders, Assistant Secretary Deborah Delisle from the U.S. Department of Education, and Colorado Senator Michael Bennet for powerful discussions about the state of K-12 education.

List from Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)

List from EdTechTeacher archived selections

List from Scientific Revolution pre-recorded

List from Education Week on-demand

List from Discovery Education archived

List from International Society for Technology in Education (Some are free) archived
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