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Wednesday, October 26, 2016  
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Hire in Advance

About the Program
The Hire in Advance Program is designed to ease the transition to a teaching career.  Through the Hire in Advance Program, Troops to Teachers participants are able to apply for a teaching position with participating school districts up to two years in advance.  After successfully completing the application and interview process, participants are then issued a Letter of Intent outlining the terms of employment.

Some school districts will require participants to complete a licensure program prior to the employment start date.  Most districts offering Hire in Advance contracts will allow participants to enter an alternative licensure program.  The program is only open to individuals interested in teaching high need subject areas as determined by the district, which usually include math, science and special education.

WASHINGTON, Feb. 20, 2007 – Military members with a desire to mentor and shape young minds now may not have to face the anxiety of an uncertain future when retiring or separating from the military. In a new twist on Troops to Teachers, a program that has long been producing teachers out of the ranks of the military, qualified servicemembers can now be hired in advance to work as teachers in certain school districts.  The Hire in Advance Program, which has launched in Las Vegas, Denver, and Newark, N.J., guarantees teaching jobs for eligible military up to three years before they retire or separate from active duty, Wayne Rees, of Mt. West Troops to Teachers in Las Vegas, said in an interview. Read more:
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