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Troops to Teachers Offices are closed pending FY 2017 funding.
All TTT inquiries should be directed to the TTT National Office. They can be contacted by phone at 1-800-231-6242 or by email at

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Saturday, October 22, 2016  
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Frequently Asked Questions

When was Troops to Teachers created, and who administers it?What is the purpose of the Troops to Teachers Program?Who is eligible to register for Troops to Teachers?Why should I register in the Troops to Teachers program?Are there time restrictions for registering in the program?How can I locate a Troops to Teachers office for my state?Does my time in the inactive Reserve and the inactive National Guard count toward the program minimums?I am a retired reservist. I no longer drill and will not receive any retirement dollars until I reach the age of 60. Am I eligible to register for TTT?I am a Vietnam-era veteran now enrolled in a teacher certification program. Do I qualify for funding for the Troops to Teachers program? I have 9 1/2 years active duty service. I am planning to separate in 6 months. Am I eligible?I have 9 years in the selected Reserve. am I eligible for TTT funding?I have separated with 6 years of Selected Reserve service. Am I eligible for TTT?Are all retired military eligible to register for TTT?I am a retired officer and I teach JROTC at a public high school. Will I be able to apply for and use TTT funds to obtain a full teaching certification? Do I have to leave JROTC?I was honorably discharged from the Air Force in 1993 and have received my bachelor's degree. I have 8 years 4 months time in service. Am I eligible to apply for funding under this program?Does the 6 year minimum service requirement include Service Academy Time?Are waivers or exceptions available for less than 6 years service with an honorable discharge?Do I need a Bachelor's degree to teach?Do I need a Master's degree in Education to teach?Do I have to teach in a high needs school to qualify?How can I become a JROTC instructor?When is the best time to look for a teaching position?How do I register for Troops to Teachers?Where should I send my registration forms?By submitting a signed registration, am I obligating myself to anything?What supporting documents are needed to complete the registration process with TTT?If I am eligible for a stipend, may I take my certification courses from a private school?Is the financial assistance (stipend or bonus) a loan that must be repaid?What types of expenses will the stipend reimburse?May I use the TTT financial assistance in addition to the Pell Grant and/or GI Bill funding?I will be awarded my bachelor's degree and retire simultaneously. Upon my retirement, I will be certified to teach. Will I be eligible for the stipend money?I am in school but will retire before I receive my bachelor's degree. Am I eligible for financial assistance from TTT?I submitted my registration package. What happens now?Must I request original documents from each source office?What if I am not sure I want to become a teacher?I have heard that a person has to be certified to teach. What does that mean?Do substitute teachers have to be certified?What are starting teachers paid?I submitted my registration package, and my eligibility has been confirmed. How will TTT help me become certified?Is a teaching certificate required to be hired as a full time teacher?What does fully certified mean?What if the state in which I want to teach has no "alternative teaching certificate?"How do I find a teacher certification program?In what states can I find a Troops to Teacher office?How can I complete a teacher credentialing program if I need to financially support myself and family?Will Troops to Teachers find a position for me?I have heard that once I complete a teacher license program, I am obligated to teach, for a number of years, at a school that Troops to Teachers chooses for me.I understand that each person has to be certified to teach and possibly highly qualified, what does that mean?Is Troops to Teachers a training program? or licensure program?Why should I register for Troops to Teachers now?I'm just starting to look for a job. Where can I find Job Listings?Should I bring a lesson plan to my Interview?Some applications have essay questions, why and how do I answer these best?How can I avoid frustration and stay motivated when searching for a teaching position?Do administrators check a candidate's social media history as part of the screening and job selection process?What is the most common mistake teacher candidates make during an interview?What should I wear to my interview?What is a good response when the interviewer asks me to tell her about myself?What is the best way to answer the question about your greatest strengths and weaknesses?What parts of the contract, are negotiable?I'm looking for my second teaching job and getting my references together, but I don't have a good relationship with my principal. How should I handle this?What questions can I ask to determine whether the school/district's culture is a good fit for me?
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