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Monday, September 26, 2016  
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Proud to Serve Again

DANTES National Office

Myth vs. Fact

Myth: TTT provides classes and programs that lead to teacher licensing.
Fact: TTT does NOT teach classes, but helps Troops find state approved licensure programs.
Myth: TTT awards teaching licenses.
Fact: TTT does NOT issue teaching licenses. Most TTT counselors are not licensing specialists, however, they are familiar with state licensing requirements. Each state has specific licensure requirements.
Myth: TTT forces candidates to teach in a particular school.
Fact: Candidates must obtain employment in a school that qualifies as "stipend/bonus eligible" only if they accept TTT funds. The candidate decides where to teach.
Myth: Once a candidate registers, they must teach for 3 years.
Fact: Registration does NOT obligate a candidate to teach for 3 years. An obligation is only incurred once a troop accepts funding.
Myth: It takes YEARS to earn a teaching license.
Fact: Obtaining a license does NOT require "years" of preparation. There are various 'fast-track' alternative programs; some as short as 10 weeks.
Myth: A person must have a degree in education.
Fact: A degree in education is NOT required to become a teacher; however, most teaching positions require at least a Bachelor's degree (in any major). A Master's Degree is NOT required to become a teacher.
Myth: All teachers are state employees.
Fact: A candidate is NOT a state or federal employee. A candidate is an employee of the hiring school district.
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